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The Ethereum Blockchain is a groundbreaking piece of technology that is providing further use cases day by day. Our main interest is NFT's and their potential to reshape how international customers can both purchase and authenticate goods online.

We are going to be selling our limited edition Whisky backed NFTs on OpenSea. We believe these NFTs also provide a unique opportunity for customers to hypothetically purchase a share in our company. We say this because we believe these limited edition NFTs will inflate in value as our business matures and establishes itself globally.

The Non-Fungible Aspect of the tokens mean that there will only ever be one copy of that specific token and the subsequent Whisky collection that directly correlates with it. By pursuing this unique sales strategy, we believe we are opening up a whole new marketplace for Scottish Whisky.

We are intent on utilising Blockchain technology to develop a contemporary export model that eases the barriers to international trade. We believe embracing Bitcoin as a means of payment is key to our vision of a truly inclusive Global Britain.

Above are Two sneak peaks of our NFTs.

Each NFT has its own distinct number, shown in the middle of the graphic and on the side (1/20). All components within the collection will be numbered also.

We regard this digitalisation of Scottish Whisky as the next logical step for the industry. We must look to capitalise on this unprecedented technology to differentiate and enhance our offering to international customers.

Ryan Aitken

A MSc Financial Management student with a passion for economics and Bitcoin. I love Scotland but we are severely lacking in technological innovation, specifically Blockchain.

I believe Blockchain is bringing upon a new age in the global economy, the opportunities for us are endless, yet 95% of the Scottish population are unaware of it. That is why I brought this team together, we shared a mutual desire to explore new marketplaces for Scottish Whisky.

Bitcoin is inevitable and if you take the time to research it, you will see.

Murdo McCandlish

My passion lies in Scottish Whisky primarily, but I have a keen interest in automotive vehicles. My Academic background - including my current MSc in International Business Management has facilitated my belief that Whisky is to Scotland what Crude Petroleum is to Saudi Arabia, and we must exploit this more.

I am a proud Scotsman at heart but believe in the power of globalisation. We must dedicate increased efforts to building robust trading relationships with those around the globe if we are to deliver truly sustainable economic growth in Scotland.

Joseph McGraw

Being a Communication Design Graduate, my passion is design and digital media in which I work with a mix of Graphic Design, Illustration, UI/UX Design, Photography, Film and Animation.  

Now lifelong friends, I met my co-founders at university. We bonded over our interest in crypto, realising its potential in this evermore digitalised world. As a creative designer and blockchain tech enthusiast, I was naturally drawn to the NFT craze. Once our project was underway and we realised the vast potential of utilising NFTs to help prove authenticity of one of Scotlands key commodities, I was completely consumed. I truly believe in our vision and thrive whilst working in this innovative and dynamic team.

Ryan Caudill

Studying at Oklahoma State University I met and befriended Ryan A. We share a mutual fascination for finance and economics. When learning about CryptoDramz and the future potential working with friends across the globe, I became ecstatic about the opportunity that was presented to me.

Working as a freelance financial consultant and active investor in both equity and crypto markets, I felt it was time to branch into a company seeking to innovate with new technologies within a traditional industry. Looking at how current Scotch and Whisky business models fail to capture these new channels, it is inevitable for the gap to be filled.

Our team is positioned to grow and adapt to this rapidly changing ecosystem in online retail in order to succeed.